Telluride, CO: A Via Ferrata

Not one to turn down an opportunity to do some hiking and exploring in Colorado, I quickly said "we're in!" I vaguely remember her mentioning "via ferrata," and didn't really give it another thought.

Paris, France: A Girl’s Trip

For Christmas this past year, Kervin and I wanted to do something extra special for my mom. She has always quietly displayed interest in traveling abroad, but hadn't taken the plunge since visiting me in Spain back in 2010. Not only is she my best friend, but my mom is the most kind, gracious, and hard working person I know.

Traveling Asia Part 3: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

From the moment we stepped off the plane with views of the mountains in the distance and the smell of the tropical air I was smitten with this city. Even during the winter season the air was warm and humid

Personal Post: A Cruiser

I've had a road bike since college, which has served me quite well over the years, and managed to get me through the crazy Minnesota weather and two triathlons and has moved with me from Wisconsin to Texas, then back to Wisconsin and finally to Colorado

Traveling Asia Part 2: Beijing, China

Hi dear friend! Today I'm going to dive into our time in Beijing! We packed so much into just a few days, from city markets to iconic historical sites. Beijing is a very vibrant and busy city with what seemed to be never ending "rush hour" traffic. A city where crossing the street is a game of survival of the fittest (more on that below!) Our taxi driver from the airport drove us to our darling hotel which was tucked in the tiniest alley lined with cars on either side. I had to close my eyes on multiple occasions as we narrowly passed pedestrians and commuters on pedal bikes in the alley.