Telluride, CO: A Via Ferrata

While catching up over dinner one night in June, one of my friends invited us to tag along with her group of friends to do a hike in Telluride in August. Not one to turn down an opportunity to do some hiking and exploring in Colorado, I quickly said “we’re in!” I vaguely remember her mentioning “via ferrata,” and didn’t really give it another thought. The summer was filled with weekend bike rides, farmer’s markets, local hikes, and of course the big mother/daughter trip to Paris (you can read about that here if you missed it!) Nicole, my dear friend, did mention we should bring our climbing harnesses for the hike (this SHOULD have been a major clue) but in the busy-ness I was lucky to remember to toss them in the car before we hit the road. The Telluride weekend was upon us before we knew it, and Kervin and I headed out on Friday afternoon for the 7 hour drive.

Any of you familiar with a via ferrata are probably shaking your head at me, but for those of you who don’t know you literally scale the side of a mountain on iron foot holds! The trail head is almost hidden and quite easy to miss, and we may have had we not had experienced hikers with us! The trail starts out like a “typical” hike, but quickly advances to ledges barely wide enough for two feet, climbing over boulders, and then of course the “main event” which involves scaling the Krogerata while hooked in with carabiners, you know, for safety.



This was one of the most terrifying and at the same time most invigorating experiences. Similarly as frightening as Angel’s Landing in Zion, however with a bit more of a twist. My palms get sweaty thinking about it!


The “main event,” Kervin is clearly having a blast



GPTempDownload (1)


If you’re looking for a weekend of thrill seeking adventure-look no further! Colorado is truly pretty remarkable!

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