Traveling Asia Part 3: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Oh Hong Kong, how you have stolen my heart!

From the moment we stepped off the plane with views of the mountains in the distance and the smell of the tropical air I was smitten with this city. Even during the winter season the air was warm and humid reminding me much of Honolulu. My suspicions of endearment for this city grew as we walked to our hotel with views of Victoria Harbor. I’m embarrassed to say Hong Kong was actually more of an after thought of a stop while planning our trip through Asia. And man am I a glad we made it part of the trip! If Kervin and I were to live abroad again, Hong Kong would most certainly top the list. We hadn’t been there more than a few hours before we both looked at each other and said “I could live here!”

Hong Kong was formerly a British colony, however is currently an autonomous territory in Southeastern China. Everywhere we went there were signs of British influence from food shops to street names, which was not the case in mainland China. The two really couldn’t be more different. Hong Kong has a population of over 7 million people, however has a smaller city feel despite the bustling of a global financial hub. I loved that Hong Kong was such a melting pot, which became very apparent in the wide variety of cuisine options! It was also very common to hear conversations in English while on the MTR or when ordering at a restaurant due to the number of business people from both England and Australia, which was a first on the trip.

Last, but certainly not least, Hong Kong tugged at my heart strings with its combination of mountains and greenery + the sea! I have always loved the water and there is just something about a city by the water that makes it so peaceful to me.

Below are some of our favorites from Hong Kong!






Ozone Bar on the 118th floor in the Ritz Carlton


English inspired hotel breakfast


Ngong Ping





Tian Tan Buddha



Tai O Fishing Village



More squid!



CrossFit Typhoon


After Completing 17.2


Beef Tartar at Quarter Master



Spicy Lamb Burger




HOW LONG WE WERE THERE: 2 nights and 3 days

TOP PICKS: Tian Tan Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island, Temple Street Night Market, Ngong ping, Kowloon, Ozone Bar, Kowloon

CURRENCY: Hong Kong Dollar

TOP TIPS: Make the half (or full day) bus trip trip out to Ngong Ping and Tai O Fishing Village. The MTR  (the public transportation rail system in Hong Kong) is fast, efficient, clean, and really easy to navigate.


Until next time, Hong Kong!


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