Elk Meadow Off Leash Dog Park

If you have been following us for a little while you may know we absolutely adore our pup, Banner, an Alaskan Malamute. Some people say he is a bit large (only 115 pounds!), but he is a big fluff ball with lots of energy. He seems to absolutely love the Colorado weather, and never turns down a chance to get out to the mountains for the cooler temps. It’s quite the treat to escape to some snow in the mountains during the heat of the Denver summer. Today’s post is all about a place we started taking Banner right after moving to Denver. The park is near Evergreen, CO and is just far enough west of Denver in the Rocky Mountains to have temperatures that are a bit cooler than the city. The park is said to be closing this spring due soil erosion and waste that is polluting the area from owner’s not picking up after their dogs. It is so sad to see a place that was opened for people to enjoy time with their dogs has to be closed due to disuse! Pick up after your pets people! 🙂 OK, rant over.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our many visits to the park!2015-12-05 10.10.572015-12-05 10.16.432015-12-05 10.29.432015-12-05 10.29.54Photo Dec 24, 10 02 12 AM2015-12-05 11.16.372015-12-05 11.18.132015-12-05-11-33-02.jpg

Happy Monday friends!

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