Above the Clouds: A Birthday Celebration

It’s been a long standing joke that we always do something big for my birthday, whether it be a big trip (Seattle and Oregon a few years ago, and most recently our trip to ASIA! blog posts to come on this!), our engagement on my birthday in 2014, or a fancy dinner with family and friends, and that his birthday tends to be low key. Well, we decided to change that for his 28th birthday last May! We have a friend whose birthday is about a week after his, so we decided to celebrate them together.

I tried to keep it a secret as long as possible, but finally caved to his incessant inquiries a few weeks before. As you may have guessed by the title, we weren’t on the ground for this birthday celebration. Despite my hesitance with heights and no doors (you can read about that here) we opted for a hot air balloon ride! None of us had been in a hot air balloon before and though it would be a great way to see the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with a new perspective!

We were told to arrive at the launch site ( a golf course near Lafayette, CO) at 6:00 am for check in and to assist with set up. Little did we know, we booked our ride the day of a festival so there were 15-20 balloons going up that day! There were 6 of us in the basket, plus our pilot. The ascent was so smooth I actually didn’t even realize we were leaving the ground! The whole ride last about an hour and a half with some really great views of the mountains and Boulder, CO. We landed in a field a few miles from our starting point where the driver picked us up and shuttled us back to the starting point after packing up all the gear.

Overall, we had a really great experience and would definitely recommend a hot air balloon ride to anyone who may be on the fence about it! If you’re in the Denver/Boulder area or want to know information about the company we used for our flight, you can check out Fair Winds here.

Below are a few pictures from the day!


2016-05-21 06.47.28 (1)


2016-05-21 06.52.042016-05-21 06.59.22 HDR2016-05-21 07.10.272016-05-21 07.13.532016-05-21 07.32.012016-05-21 07.35.02


Have you ever been on a hot air balloon ride? Where did you go? Let us know in the comments.

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