Kauai: Honeymoon Part 2

Kauai is a much quieter, greener, and less “busy” island compared to Oahu. For the first week we stayed on the north shore in Princeville in a quaint VRBO condo. After taking a quick flight from Honolulu, we jumped in a helicopter (without doors!) for an absolutely breathtaking view of the island. The views of the Napali Coast were unbelievable! The hubby was practically hanging outside the helicopter to take photos, while I had a death grip on my seat. If there is one thing I learned, it’s take the pilot’s advice and wear long pants and a jacket, even if it’s 80 degrees and humid, it will be chilly during the ride!

We spent divided our time between the beach (where I could have laid all day) and hiking the many trails of the Napali Coast (where Kervin swam in FREEZING water to get under a waterfall!) It was fascinating to see how on the same island it could be so humid and green and also so dry and “desert-y.”

Kervin and I both got our scuba diving licenses back when we were living in Texas, and were so excited to finally put them to use. We took a charter where we were able to complete two dives. We were able to see so many different fish and even a few turtles! The whole experience got wild when Kervin (who was just SO caught up in the experience) forgot to check his air, ran out, and had to use my alternate air line! Needless to say, a refresher course may have been a wise step before the trip.

The second half of our stay in Kauai we stayed on the east side of the island just steps from the beach. The sunrise and sunsets from the porch alone would have me booking this VRBO again! We had a rental car which allowed us to continue exploring the island to the south and west. The snorkeling was a bit more hit or miss, however we did find one nice spot on the south shore.

We were told by most everyone that we should definitely go to a luau while on the island. We booked this in advance to make sure we could go on a day that fit our schedule best. The experience started with a quick tour around the grounds and seeing where the pig is smoked in a big pit outside. We sat at long tables family style, where we met another couple also on their honeymoon! After dinner we all moved to stadium seating where dances from all over the world were performed. It was a wonderful experience, however I don’t know if I would do it again if we went back.

My dad is the one who taught me how to set my bait and take the fish off the line. Some of my favorite trips home are when we go down to my parents’ lake to feed “Billy” (the big bass that lives in the lake). After hearing what a great time my parents had on their Hawaiian fishing trip, I knew we just had to go! We left early morning to head out in the small charter ( I highly recommend behind the ear patches for naseau, they worked like a charm!) with the captain, his son, and two other people all ready for some big catches. It was like nothing I had experienced before, the fish were SO heavy and really pulling on the line. They didn’t come in without a fight! We ended up with four fish for the day, including a big tuna.

On our second to last day we took a small group surfing lesson. Our instructor first taught us how to paddle and maneuver the board and then he set us up to catch the baby waves (which seemed monstrous!). It was really quite the workout paddling in and out and attempting to jump up at just the right time to ride the waves. I would definitely take another lesson and spend a few more days if we go back! Our instructor gave us lunch recommendations for Da Crack, where we had the most fantastic burritos. This is also how we stumbled upon our favorite shave ice of the trip, The Fresh Shave, as the food truck just happened to parked right next door.


Where in the world: Kauai, Hawaii

Where we stayed: Princeville, Hawaii  and Anahola, Hawaii 

How long we were there: 11 days, 10 nights

Where to eat: Nom Kauai, The Fresh Shave, The Kauai Grill, Da Crack, The Green Pig

What do to: Surfing, Hawaiian Style fishing, Helicopter Tour of the Island, Luau, Napali Coast State Wilderness Park

4 thoughts on “Kauai: Honeymoon Part 2

  1. Sue says:

    We booked our charter fishing through Hawaiian Style Fishing. Captain Terry is a native and a great story teller . We caught our limit of Ahi tuna.


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